Exhibits: Rental vs. Purchase; What’s Right for You?

Exhibits: Rental vs. Purchase; What’s Right for You?

Rent or Purchase

  • Consider how many times you will participate in trade shows
  • Consider purchasing an exhibit if you attend multiple shows or want a personalized design
  • Consider these 8 Reasons to Rent

Should you purchase or rent an exhibit? If you only need a booth once, or wish to test a certain type of booth design, then renting is probably your best bet. On the other hand, if your company is planning to attend many shows, then you should consider purchasing a booth.

Consider how many times a year your company will participate in trade shows. Are you a small business or a business just getting started? You may want to consider renting. With the money you save by renting, you will have more money to put back into promotional items, literature, and all of your other expenses.

Renting gives you added the flexibility of experimenting with different styles over the course of many shows. The cost of a rental booth is approximately a third of the cost to own. Styles range from portable pop-up displays to laminate modular displays, and from custom exhibits to tension fabric displays. Each can be arranged in a variety of configurations and combined with flooringkiosks, literature stands, and other components.

8 Reasons to Rent your Exhibit

Renting an exhibit may be the wisest choice if you only attend a few shows a year.

  1. Cost: Plain and simple, renting costs less.
  2. Invest Wisely: Renting allows you to spend more of your budget on your graphics and message.
  3. Flexibility: Different shows bring in different kinds of attendees. Renting offers the flexibility of changing your exhibit structure and graphics to target your message from show-to-show.
  4. Testing: Try it before you buy it. Then when you do decide to purchase an exhibit, you will know you have made the right choice.
  5. Overlapping Shows: When you have multiple, overlapping shows, renting gives you the freedom to have an effective presence at both.
  6. Installation and Dismantle Included: When you rent, many exhibit distributors will install and dismantle your exhibit for no additional charge.
  7. No Storage Expense or Hassle: Storing a booth can be expensive and shipping it to a show and back can be a real hassle. When you rent from many distributors, there is no storage expense and there are no delivery hassles.
  8. Upgrading: When you rent your exhibit, you have the freedom to make changes. If you need a face-lift with new messaging and graphics, you have the freedom to do it. If you want to move into a larger space, you can.

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Backlit Trade Show Display Sale

Backlit Trade Show Display Sale

For a limited time, we’ve reduced the price on all of our modular backlit displays.  The Backlit Trade Show Display Sale is on all 8′ x 8′, 8′ x 10′ and even 8′ x 20′ displays and there are 6 different models available.  All of these displays are manufactured in the USA and feature a lifetime “no questions” asked warranty.  Hurry because this sales ends on 8/31/2017.

Here are some of the features:

  • 100% tool free assembly
  • Molded ship case with each kit
  • Ship case lid doubles as 12″ step stool
  • Full color premium tension fabric graphics
  • Premium lightweight aluminum frames
  • Case to counter conversions available.

Click HERE to check out these great deals and watch our set up video:




Trade Show Display Sale

Trade Show Display Sale

Don’t miss out on our Summer Savings Trade Show Display Sale.  We’ve put 12 of our most popular displays on sale through August.  We’ve included everything from banner stands, table covers, table top and floor model displays and even 10′ x 20′ displays.

Click HERE to download our flyer with links to all of the products.


Modulate Tension Fabric Display Review

Modulate Tension Fabric Display Review

It seems like we hear a lot nowadays about reconfigurable displays. Some claims don’t pan out the way they should and some are even better. When we heard that the new Modulate tension fabric display line is reconfigurable and has unique angles and shapes, we knew that we’d have to try it out. For our test, we used the Series 2-Kit 3, 10’ x 10′ with  double sided graphics and ship case, with a retail price of $2750.  To learn even more about this exciting new product, check out the video at the bottom of the page.

First, a reminder that tension fabric displays are portable displays with an aluminum tube frame and have “pillowcase” graphics that slide over the top of the frame and zip at the bottom.  The Modulate tension fabric display enables you to convert a 30’ inline into a 20’ inline, or into multiple 10’ inlines by just adding additional frames and graphics.  Double sided graphics like the ones used in our review can double your exposure by offering two displays for the price of one.


All kits come in a zippered carry bag and are box shipped. A choice of hard molded ship cases are also available.  For multiple frames, the OCE Expandable Case is recommended. For a single frame, the OCB Expandable Case is the right choice.  Both come with adjustable lids, heavy-duty latches, built-in wheels, and a sturdy handle.

Also, included with each kit is are setup instructions that show: parts listings, exploded views of the frame, frame labeling diagram, connection methods, and the kit assembly directions.  The graphic(s), set of Allen wrenches, and frame alignment clips round out the package.


Unzipping the bag, the first thing I noticed about the Modulate tension fabric display was the numbering of each part.  The Modulate’s frames are numbered on each side, which makes following the frame labeling instructions very easy.  The frames are made of  thicker aluminum tubes that will not bend easily.  The frame sections are not bungee corded, but the snap-button connectors made setting it up a breeze.  Even though not 100% tool-free, the Allen wrench was only needed to secure one point on the frame and feet.

One of the many features that make these displays unique are the feet.  Each frame as weighted feet that screw on at the bottom that add stability and also connect each frame to the next.  These feet are smaller than others we’ve seen but offer the same stability and have a nice painted finish.

Our Modulate tension fabric display kit consisted of three separate frames, but the setup is the same for all three.  We put the graphics on, then clipped the panels together using the 180-clip included in the kit.  It was a little wobbly lifting the three frame configuration and standing upright, but once the alignment clips were attached, everything lined up perfectly.


Graphics and Lights

As mentioned earlier, the graphics are pillowcase style, that slip over the top of the frame and is zip shut at the bottom.  The reasoning behind this is to provide the “tension” in the tension fabric display and the Modulate does not disappoint.  Often, either in storage or shipping, graphics end up looking really wrinkled and distorted. The Modulate graphics are a stretch material that allow both easy installation and enough tension to pull those most if not all of those wrinkles out. The graphics, using a dye-sublimation process, are vivid and pop.  Lights are not a part of the kit, but can be easily added.


• Unique frame angles and shapes
• Flexibility to reconfigure frames to make different displays
• Easy installation of “pillowcase” style graphics
• Cost

• Frame sections are not bungee corded
• Not 100% “tool-free”
• Unable, at this time, to add monitors
• Lights and ship case are add-on costs


The Modulate tension fabric display is impressive.  It is both an affordable alternative to more expensive tension fabric displays available now, but also has high quality features, such as sturdy aluminum tubing, numbered parts for assembly, and double-sided graphics, that are not often seen in this price range. The ability to expand from 10’ to 30’ makes this a wise investment for both now and in the future.

Click the sizes below to view these modern designs:

10’ x 10’    10’ x 20’    10’ x 30’

Backlit Trade Show Displays

Backlit Trade Show Displays

Stand out from all the crowd with these backlit trade show displays.  Made from a lightweight aluminum frame, with a lifetime replacement warranty and unlike other backlit trade show displays, these displays feature a 100% tool free assembly which saves valuable set up time.  All of the frame sections even come pre-assembled with the LED lights and connections so no more looking for the right wrench or tool or trying to follow confusing set up manuals.

The graphics for these backlit trade show displays are printed on a tension fabric material that can be machine washed if needed and are custom sized to produce a wrinkle-free fit. Each graphic has a silicon bead sewn into the edges that simply pushes into the frame for easy assembly.

Equally as important and probably the best feature of these backlit displays from Nomadic Display is that they can be assembled in the normal upright position which comes in handy if only one person is available to set up the display. No need to find help or risk twisting the frame by having to stand it up after assembly.

Included in each backlit trade show display kit is a rugged molded ship case that also doubles as a 12″ step stool to make set up a breeze.   In addition, some of the kits include a premium reception counter conversion with black wooden top and full color graphic wrap. The size of the reception counter is 44″h x 28″w x 22″D

All backlit trade show displays are on sale until 7/29/16.  Click HERE for designs.

Order any backlit trade show display by 7/29/16 and receive FREE ground shipping up to $500.


  • 100% tool free assembly
  • Preassembled LED light modules
  • Rugged ship case included that converts into step stool
  • Displays can be built upright reducing damage
  • Only backlit display kit with case to counter conversion
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • 10′ x 20′ display fits in single ship case

Check out our set up video below

Summer Savings Sale

Summer Savings Sale

Save 10% and receive free ground shipping on your next purchase from Nomadic Display.  The Summer Savings Sale ends on July 29th, 2016 and includes all trade show displays and rental displays starting at $5,000.00.  If you’re thinking about purchasing a new trade show display for the fall season, this is a great opportunity that doesn’t come around very often.  The best news is any product from Nomadic Display is eligible for the Summer Savings Sale with a retail price and up to $25,000.00.  If your next trade show or event isn’t until early fall, no worries, your new display just has to ship by August 30th, 2016 to be eligible for the Summer Savings Sale.

Check out some of the different designs eligible for this promotion(click each name for catalog):

 Inspire  Lightwall  Envision  Modular

or click HERE to see all displays that qualify.

The requirements for the Summer Savings Sale are pretty simple:

  • Any single display or rental display purchase over $5,000.00 up to $25,000.00 is eligible
  • 10% discount based on retail price
  • Order must be placed by July 29th, 2016
  • Order must ship by August 30th, 2016
  • Maximum discount amount $2,500.00
  • Free ground shipping included up to $500.00
  • Display will ship from Springfield, VA  22151
Featherlite Exhibits

Featherlite Exhibits

In a continuing effort to offer the highest quality trade show solutions in the industry, we’re proud to announce we’ve partnered with Featherlite Exhibits to enhance our growing line of tension fabric and modular displays.  Featherlite Exhibits has been a leader in the design and fabrication of lightweight, cost effective, and high impact trade show displays since 1964 and do some amazing things with tension fabric not seen by any other manufacturer.

Featherlite Exhibits manufacturers lightweight, portable and modular displays primarily combined with aluminum frame structures with unique shapes which assemble effortlessly without tools and washable tension fabric pillowcase graphics.  These unique trade show displays range in size from table tops all the way up to island displays and every design can be reconfigured into a different size.

Tension fabric displays aren’t new to the trade show industry, but unlike other manufacturers, Featherlite Exhibits has perfected the tube frame design and added a more robust and stronger frame capable of holding large LCD TV’s, canopy structures, shelf units, continuous backwall structures and rigid accent graphics.

Some of the other key features of all Featherlite Exhibits:

  • Most 10’ x 10’ kits pack into 1 case and weigh less than 60 lbs. 10’ x 20’ kits less than 140 lbs.
  • Tool-less designs using spring buttons, snap on clamps and zippers reduce assembly time
  • All designs can be reconfigured with little to no additional pieces or graphics
  • Tension fabric graphics can be printed on both sides with alternate messages
  • Numerous accessories including shelf kits, large TV mounts, rigid graphics, counters and more

Click each of the sizes below to view some of these modular designs:

Table Top Displays  10’ x 10’ Displays  10’ x 20’ Displays  20’ x 20’ Displays


100 Day “Love it” Guarantee

100 Day “Love it” Guarantee

Having been in this industry for over 16 years I thought I had seen it all until our friends at Classic Exhibits did something unheard of  with a trade show display.  They have included an industry exclusive “Love It Or We’ll Take It Back” 100 Day Guarantee on over 60 of their hybrid modular displays. Now, we’ve all heard our displays have a warranty for damage for “manufacturer’s defects” but this isn’t that at all.  Of course it has a lifetime hardware warranty but this isn’t a warranty, it’s a guarantee you will love this display or return it!  That’s right, the 100 Day “Love It” Guarantee will let you return the display within the first 100 days after purchase.

What’s not to love about these displays?  They are affordable hybrid displays meaning they aren’t pop ups or tension fabric tube displays but high quality contemporary portable displays with vibrant tension fabric graphics and accessories.  Accessories like monitor mounts, iPad holders, literature pockets, graphic headers, canopies are available and they just look cool.  These hybrid displays are also available in table top, 10′ x 10′ and 10′ x 20′ configurations.

In addition to all of those great options, all of these displays use quick knob assisted assembly which drastically cuts down on set up time and the need for hand tools on all  basic backwall designs. Rounding out the features on these outstanding displays is all of the 60 designs ship in rugged molded cases with custom cut foam interiors to help ensure your display arrives safe and sound and those cases can ship via UPS or FedEx.


  • Upscale affordable designs
  • Numbered components for easy set up
  • knob assisted assembly
  • Reconfigurable
  • Vibrant tension fabric graphics
  • Multiple accessories
  • Rugged molded ship cases

Click HERE or HERE to view these outstanding designs.


Island Trade Show Rental Design

Island Trade Show Rental Design

This island trade show rental design is currently being built for one of our clients and has many unique features.  The main objective was to fill the 20′ x 40′ exhibit space with a contemporary design that had a lounge feel for causal engagement with existing and potential customers.  To create a free flowing design, large printed sheer fabric graphics were used on the some of the walls and ceiling structures.

A new and very popular element used in both smaller displays and larger exhibits like the island trade show rental design is the use of backlit graphics.  This island boasts a huge 18’h x 8’w double sided lightbox sure to attract attention from a distance.  The lightweight and durable aluminum design allowed for the lightbox to have a small footprint, not taking away from the much needed floor space.

Some additional modern design elements like vertically mounted LED TV’s, iPad stands built into counter tops and charging tables with 8 USB ports are placed throughout the design.  In the lounge area, there’s even a coffee table converted into a charging table and all of these tables have been covered with the client’s logos.

In addition to building the island trade show rental design, we will also handle all of the logistics for this client.  A turn key trade show rental includes coordinating the round trip freight, storage, exhibit labor and flooring in addition to just the exhibit rental. Be sure to check back and look for pictures of this display at the show.


  • 20′ x 40′ rental exhibit
  • Double sided 18′ x 8′ lightboxes
  • Printed sheer graphics
  • Charging stations
  • Counter top iPad stands
  • Large reception counter
  • 20′ x 8′ double sided hanging sign
Trade Show Charging Stations

Trade Show Charging Stations

Cell phones and tablets have not only become an extension of our daily lives, but also indispensable at trade shows, marketing events and meetings.  We’ve all seen the charging stations in the airport terminals sponsored by some company with travelers packed around it looking to get a quick charge before their next flight.

Imagine having trade show charging stations at your booth space, lobby, conference room or at your next event that would draw the same attention as that kiosk at the airport.  Our friends from Classic Exhibits have designed some portable and semi-permanent solutions to help you attract potential customers.

Available in many different shapes and sizes such as coffee and conference tables and even freestanding kiosks, these charging stations can be customized with your company colors, logos.  All of the trade show charging stations are  constructed from engineered aluminum and laminated wooden tops ensuring you’ll have a quality product for years to come.

Some of the features of the Trade Show Charging Stations include:

  • 8 USB charging ports standard on every design
  • LED perimeter halo lighting
  • Internal cord management
  • Various sizes and price ranges
  • Graphic inserts available
  • Hundreds of laminate choices
  • Portable designs

Click HERE to view more of these trade show charging stations or watch the Q & A video from the manufacturer below for more information.