Modulate Tension Fabric Display Review

Modulate Tension Fabric Display Review

It seems like we hear a lot nowadays about reconfigurable displays. Some claims don’t pan out the way they should and some are even better. When we heard that the new Modulate tension fabric display line is reconfigurable and has unique angles and shapes, we knew that we’d have to try it out. For our test, we used the Series 2-Kit 3, 10’ x 10′ with  double sided graphics and ship case, with a retail price of $2750.  To learn even more about this exciting new product, check out the video at the bottom of the page.

First, a reminder that tension fabric displays are portable displays with an aluminum tube frame and have “pillowcase” graphics that slide over the top of the frame and zip at the bottom.  The Modulate tension fabric display enables you to convert a 30’ inline into a 20’ inline, or into multiple 10’ inlines by just adding additional frames and graphics.  Double sided graphics like the ones used in our review can double your exposure by offering two displays for the price of one.


All kits come in a zippered carry bag and are box shipped. A choice of hard molded ship cases are also available.  For multiple frames, the OCE Expandable Case is recommended. For a single frame, the OCB Expandable Case is the right choice.  Both come with adjustable lids, heavy-duty latches, built-in wheels, and a sturdy handle.

Also, included with each kit is are setup instructions that show: parts listings, exploded views of the frame, frame labeling diagram, connection methods, and the kit assembly directions.  The graphic(s), set of Allen wrenches, and frame alignment clips round out the package.


Unzipping the bag, the first thing I noticed about the Modulate tension fabric display was the numbering of each part.  The Modulate’s frames are numbered on each side, which makes following the frame labeling instructions very easy.  The frames are made of  thicker aluminum tubes that will not bend easily.  The frame sections are not bungee corded, but the snap-button connectors made setting it up a breeze.  Even though not 100% tool-free, the Allen wrench was only needed to secure one point on the frame and feet.

One of the many features that make these displays unique are the feet.  Each frame as weighted feet that screw on at the bottom that add stability and also connect each frame to the next.  These feet are smaller than others we’ve seen but offer the same stability and have a nice painted finish.

Our Modulate tension fabric display kit consisted of three separate frames, but the setup is the same for all three.  We put the graphics on, then clipped the panels together using the 180-clip included in the kit.  It was a little wobbly lifting the three frame configuration and standing upright, but once the alignment clips were attached, everything lined up perfectly.


Graphics and Lights

As mentioned earlier, the graphics are pillowcase style, that slip over the top of the frame and is zip shut at the bottom.  The reasoning behind this is to provide the “tension” in the tension fabric display and the Modulate does not disappoint.  Often, either in storage or shipping, graphics end up looking really wrinkled and distorted. The Modulate graphics are a stretch material that allow both easy installation and enough tension to pull those most if not all of those wrinkles out. The graphics, using a dye-sublimation process, are vivid and pop.  Lights are not a part of the kit, but can be easily added.


• Unique frame angles and shapes
• Flexibility to reconfigure frames to make different displays
• Easy installation of “pillowcase” style graphics
• Cost

• Frame sections are not bungee corded
• Not 100% “tool-free”
• Unable, at this time, to add monitors
• Lights and ship case are add-on costs


The Modulate tension fabric display is impressive.  It is both an affordable alternative to more expensive tension fabric displays available now, but also has high quality features, such as sturdy aluminum tubing, numbered parts for assembly, and double-sided graphics, that are not often seen in this price range. The ability to expand from 10’ to 30’ makes this a wise investment for both now and in the future.

Click the sizes below to view these modern designs:

10’ x 10’    10’ x 20’    10’ x 30’