Trade Show Charging Stations

Trade Show Charging Stations

Cell phones and tablets have not only become an extension of our daily lives, but also indispensable at trade shows, marketing events and meetings.  We’ve all seen the charging stations in the airport terminals sponsored by some company with travelers packed around it looking to get a quick charge before their next flight.

Imagine having trade show charging stations at your booth space, lobby, conference room or at your next event that would draw the same attention as that kiosk at the airport.  Our friends from Classic Exhibits have designed some portable and semi-permanent solutions to help you attract potential customers.

Available in many different shapes and sizes such as coffee and conference tables and even freestanding kiosks, these charging stations can be customized with your company colors, logos.  All of the trade show charging stations are  constructed from engineered aluminum and laminated wooden tops ensuring you’ll have a quality product for years to come.

Some of the features of the Trade Show Charging Stations include:

  • 8 USB charging ports standard on every design
  • LED perimeter halo lighting
  • Internal cord management
  • Various sizes and price ranges
  • Graphic inserts available
  • Hundreds of laminate choices
  • Portable designs

Click HERE to view more of these trade show charging stations or watch the Q & A video from the manufacturer below for more information.