Review of Dimensions 10′ x 20′ tension fabric display

Review of Dimensions 10′ x 20′ tension fabric display

In a previous post we introduced the Dimensions line of tension fabric displays that we’re very excited to offer our clients.  Since that post, I’ve had the opportunity to assemble a 10’ x 20’ unit and decided to do a review.

The most commonly asked question I get is “What’s a tension fabric trade show display?”.  Simply put, it’s a portable trade show display with a lightweight aluminum tube frame that assembles like a pop up tent.  It comes with a full color graphic printed on a stretch fabric material that slides over the frame much like a pillowcase and zips shut at the bottom.

So what makes the Dimensions line so different and why are we so excited to carry it?  Well, that’s simple:

·         Most of the 20’ designs can be reconfigured as multiple 10’ units

·         Modular design allows for multiple reconfiguration options

·         Frame shapes are unique giving depth and dimension to your exhibit space

·         Quality:  assembled and printed in the USA

·         Price

·         All designs include ship case(s) and LED lights

·         Floating large monitor and TV mounts

We could write an entire post about the advantages of the Dimensions displays but on to the review…………

The display we are going to review is the 10’ x 20’ Kit A.  It has three frames: 111” x 96” and two that are 56” x 87”.  The three frames make up a 218”w x 95”h display which is perfect for a 20’ space since it’s a little over 18’ wide.

10' x 20' tension fabric trade show display

10' x 20' tension fabric display configurations


The entire display frames, lights, and graphics are shipped in one molded ship case with wheels and is 43”h x 28”w x 13”d, weighing 94 lbs.  Not too bad, considering that a traditional 10’ pop up display weighs about 80 lbs.  The most surprising and impressive thing we found inside the ship case was each of the feet were stored in a black canvas storage bags to keep them from getting scratched or damaged in transit.  We also noticed a pair soft cotton gloves and a plastic sheet to lay on the floor when installing the graphics to keep them clean, which was a very nice touch.

Each of the three frames was also stored in a black canvas bag which saves valuable set up time.  The frame pieces have internal bungee cords and a Velcro strap keeps them secure for shipping.  A laminated instruction sheet was also included.

10' tension fabric trade show display pieces20' tension fabric display ship case









Set Up

The greatest feature of a tension fabric display is the ease of set up.  A typical 8’ x 10’ display is made up of two vertical frame sections, two horizontal frame sections, corners and possibly feet, depending on the design.  Each frame section is made up of either three or four pieces connected with an internal bungee cord.  You simply line up the pieces, push them together, and a lock button secures each piece.  I’ve seen a lot of tension fabric displays and the Dimensions display sets up just as easy as the rest.  The corners and ends of each frame section have an icon shape sticker that matches to the same shape on the end of the frame, making it nearly impossible to place the wrong sections of the frame together.

I’ve set up a lot of tension fabric displays for clients so I knew what to expect and how easy these are to assemble.  What I wasn’t expecting was the quality of the frame tubes.  The Dimensions’ are much thicker than others on the market with a smooth anodized feel to them.  This may not make assembly any easier, but it feels like a more quality product and a thicker tube will certainly help the pieces not bend as easily.  The push button technology, which locks the pieces together, worked flawlessly and the  internal bungee cords in each frame section were the perfect length and kept all the pieces together.

The biggest surprise and the thing that most drew me to this line were the feet.  That may sound like a small thing, but the feet on the Dimensions displays are larger than any other options I have seen before.  They also have a lock pin that secures them to the frame preventing them from spinning around and just generally add stability to the display based on their weight.  I have seen other trade show displays using multiple frames, but all of them just push the frames up against each other. In contrast, the feet of the Dimensions display actually have multiple mounting points for the frames so you truly have a back wall frame system that locks together.

Tension fabric display connections


Tension fabric feet

Graphics and lights

The graphics for this style of tension fabric display are printed on a cotton/spandex material and it stretches to fit over the frame tightly to reduce wrinkles.  The graphic simply slides over the frame and has a large industrial size zipper at the bottom.  Putting the graphic on the frame is made easier by laying it down on the floor and sliding the graphic down on the frame,  much like you would a pillowcase over a pillow.  As I mentioned earlier in the review, a large piece of plastic is included in the kit that can be unfolded and placed on the floor to help keep your graphics clean during set up.

The lights for all of the Dimensions kits are a stem style LED light molded in silver plastic.  Because they are an LED light, they should work for many years and replacing a bulb is not necessary.  A simple twist clamp is installed at the end of the light. Tighten the light on the booth by placing the light on the top of the frame and turning the clamp handle. The lights can be placed anywhere you like on the top of the display.

Tension fabric graphic installation








·         Quality components, large weighted feet

·         Multiple frames allow several reconfiguration options

·         Price (getting three different displays for the price of one)

·         Ship case and lights included


·         Graphics can wrinkle (easily fixed with use of hand held steamer)

·          Aluminum tubes are thick, but can bend if abused (most aluminum bends).


Do I really like the new Dimensions line of tension fabric displays? Yes.  Do I think they are the perfect fit for everyone?  No.  If you’re looking for a portable tension fabric trade show display then I think the Dimensions are the best option available for the price.  They mix the advantages of a lightweight tube frame display with the modular elements of a custom style trade show display that you just won’t find with traditional pop up displays.  Are they perfect?  No.  Are they close?  Very.